11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies

11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies // Twin Stripe

I’m unofficially declaring it craft week on the blog because there’s nothing better than a great DIY or craft project! When putting together projects for Twin Stripe, I try to keep them as simple as possible while still looking great. Learn more about my about my favorite DIY products that I use in the majority of my projects after the jump. If you are looking to grow your craft closet, make sure you have all of my favorite supplies!


Acrylic paint is a must in your DIY tool box. It dries quickly and can be applied to most surfaces from wood to fabric to metal and more. It is inexpensive, so be sure to stock up on your favorite colors. I’m a big fan of the Martha Stewart brand paint because the colors are bright and vivid.


Having a great set of pens and markers in your arsenal is important when something needs to be labeled. I love having a variety of colors since I can’t get enough color! While I love Le Pens, recently one of my friends turned me on to Stabilo pens -there’s even a neon set. I also always make sure I have a Sharpie or two on hand.

11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies - ModPodge // Twin Stripe

Mod Podge is another crafting must. It can be used as glue and a sealer, so it’s stronger than your typical craft glue. It comes in a variety of finishes from matte to gloss. There is also a long list of different formulas to choose from, depending on your project, but for your craft closet, I suggest their original  formula.

11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies - Glue Gun // Twin Stripe

I didn’t have a glue gun until relatively recently and I can tell you I waited too long. I’m always pulling out my glue gun for projects. It’s a must have for wreath making. If I get another one, I might try a cordless glue gun – the cord on my gun is never long enough!

11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies - Pom Poms // Twin Stripe

Pom poms are one of my favorite craft supplies. While not necessary, they add a dose of fun and whimsy to projects. I love to string them and make a colorful garland or glue them  to drink stirrers for a party.

11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies - Ribbon // Twin Stripe

An assortment of ribbon, twine and cord are another must-have for your tool kit. Apart from being the finishing touch on a present, you never know when you might need a piece of ribbon for a project. Having a variety of colors, widths and types will make your supply closet complete.


There are so many different types of scissors to choose from, that it can seem maddening when selecting a new pair. About a year ago, I received a pair of precision scissors, they have a smaller blade for more precise cutting. I also have a larger pair of scissors for the day-to-day use. Recently, I picked up a pair of fringe scissors  so I can create paper tassels or taco place cards. They are worth every penny!


I use spray paint for a lot of different DIY projects. It comes in handy when I have a large piece that needs to be one solid color. It dries quickly so I can easily apply another coat. I have a growing collecting of different gold spray paints – I still haven’t found my favorite.


I firmly believe one can never have enough tape. I have a variety of tape on hand for all of my DIY projects. I always keep a variety of types in my crafting tool box. I recommend a roll of regular Scotch tape, double-stick tape, masking tape, duct tape, painters tape and of course a selection of washi tape.


Tissue paper is a must for any crafter’s tool kit because it’s versatile. I can quickly whip up large flowers or colorful tassels for party decorations or decoupage a coaster for a stained glass look. However you decide to use it, be sure to have a variety of colors.

11 of My Favorite DIY & Craft Supplies - Glitter // Twin Stripe

Much like pom poms, glitter is not a necessary craft tool, but it sure does make things more fun. Dress a mason jar or holiday ornament with some glitter and Mod Podge to add a bit of sparkle to your life.

What is your favorite DIY or craft supply? Did I miss anything? Be sure to let me know!

I hope you all had fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Chad and I did a ton of work around the house and I had a bit of time to design a girl’s crafting party that I can’t wait to share with you later this week. Enjoy your four day week!


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