Behind the Blog: Blog Photography Tools & Tips

Today is another installment of Behind the Blog! As a refresher, I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers from several different niches to share what happens behind the scenes of our blogs. Today we are sharing our best blog photography tips and tricks!

I am by no means a photography pro, but it is something I have enjoyed for a long time. As a studio art major, I took various photography classes in college which have given me a strong understanding of photography.

Behind the Blog: Blog Photography Tools & Tips // Must Have Blog Photography Tools // Twin Stripe Blog

 1. Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera | 2. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens | 3. Marble Contact Paper & Foam Core Board | 4. Wireless Remote | 5. Compact Tripod | 6. Reflectors | 7. Scan Disc SD Card

Keep on reading to learn how I use these photography tools. 

Camera & Lens

It’s the everlasting debate – Cannon or Nikon? I’ve had the same Nikon for almost 10 years and it has held up just fine, but I’m not married to the brand. If you new to photography and are looking for a DSLR camera, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a starter Nikon or Cannon. (They both record video too!)

You hear it all of the time – but it’s not about the camera body – it’s all about the lens. I can’t live without my 50mm lens. It’s great for shooting in lower light situations because the aperture can be opened wider than your standard lens. If you are looking for a new lens to change your photography game, I highly recommend a 50mm.

Behind the Blog: Blog Photography Tools & Tips // Photography Setup // Twin Stripe Blog

Photography Setup

I don’t have a fancy photography setup, as you can tell. I typically end up taking over our dining room, which has great natural light. I always have a stack of foam core handy so I can use it as a backdrop. I also have a roll of marble contact paper if I want to photograph on a faux marble background.

I always try to take photos during the day using natural light. Before I begin, I turn off all overhead lights. I have windows on both sides of my dining room, so I select the side that has the most even light. I set my foam core on the table (or sometimes on the floor) and style my subject. I then prop another piece of foam core behind the setup to bounce the light coming in through the windows to alleviate harsh shadows.

Behind the Blog: Blog Photography Tools & Tips // Photography Setup // Twin Stripe Blog

When taking photos, I like to take a variety of angles. I take photos standing on the floor, but I also elevate myself about the subject by standing on a chair or step stool.

DIY Celebrate Pennant // Twin Stripe Blog
The photo above is the result of my photography set up and a bit of color correction in Photoshop.

Other Must Have Photography Tools

When there is less light to work with, you have a higher risk of having blurry photos. If I have to shoot in the evening, I grab my tripod and wireless remote so I do not shake the camera. I also love having a set of inexpensive reflectors at hand if I need to redirect light. And last, but not least, be sure to have a few SD cards on hand. You never know when one will go missing or get filled up, so having a backup card is a must.

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My lovely friend, Jennifer of The Life of Jennifer Dawn organized this series – so a major thanks to her! Stop by Jennifer’s blog to find more information about the series, up coming topics and more information about all of the bloggers participating.

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What are you photography must haves? What is the best photography tip you have learned?


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  1. This is awesome! I’m going to check out some of those essentials. I just got a marble background and I LOVE using it!

  2. Great tips! Your setup sounds so similar to mine. My favorite backdrops are foam boards. Don’t you just love that 50 mm lens. It’s what I use all the time now.

  3. I love seeing and hearing about your setup, Katie. I love how so many of us photograph in our dining rooms (and take up an entire table while we do it, haha). I totally agree with you on the statement about the lens, too. The glass is SO much more important than the camera body – especially since digital has made things so much easier for everyone, and even the entry-level DSLR bodies are fantastic these days!

    Here’s to being a studio art major and blog photography and having fun with it! I loved hearing about your process!

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