Today I’m excited to share a new series highlighting craft beers with all of you. My wonderful husband, Chad, will be picking and choosing his favorite brews to share with you each month. This month he is highlighting tasty winter beers.

Hello Twin Stripe readers, Chad here. Some of you may know me as Katie’s husband and I’m excited to guest posting on TS for the first time! Katie and I love craft beer and today I’ll be sharing my favorite seasonal winter beers. I’m covering a variety of different types and styles of beer so everyone can find one to make your winter a little warmer.

Winter Beers 2013 // Twin Stripe

Shiner Holiday Cheer by Spoetzl Brewery – This holiday Dunkelweizen has notes of peach and pecan. While I really enjoy their summer beer, Ruby Redbird, which has a hint of grapefruit, I find the peach flavor overwhelming in this beer. I wish Cheer had hints of peach, instead it comes is heavy and overwhelms the beer. However if you love peaches you might ask for it in your stocking.

Moo-Hoo by Terrapin - A great stout with chocolate notes that will even lure a non-beer sipper. I’m not a fan of stouts but this one by Terrapin (known for their IPAs) is a nice diving board for people wanting to give them a try in the winter months or for those who hate the ‘typical’ taste of beer. This rich and creamy beer is brewed with cocoa nibs and shells to give it the chocolate flavor.

Yard Sale by Uinta Brewing - A winter amber lager that is just that. It’s great paired with a bowl of chili when it’s freezing outside and you’re warm on the inside! The name ‘Yard Sale’ refers to slang on the slopes, when a skier crashes and their gear goes in every direction, which matches the bottle label perfectly.

Fireside Chat by 21st Amendment Brewery - This is a solid brown ale that has hints of winter spice. It goes down smooth and for those of you who like brown ales that aren’t heavy on nut taste, you’ll like this one. Once again 21st Amendment has outdone itself with the packaging design. The cans feature a drawing of FDR smoking a pipe while chatting by the fireside with an elf!

Accumulation by New Belgium – A delicious winter white IPA. I for one am a huge fan of IPAs that mix well with other styles of beers. Every now and then a white IPA comes along and only occasionally does it do the justice of staying hoppy mixed with the complex flavors of a white ale and this one does just that.  It wasn’t until Katie and I were drinking this on tap that we realized just how light colored this beer was. The bottle alone will invoke warm feelings of a beautiful snowfall on a winter day.

Winter White by Bells - This Belgian ale has the perfect amount of wheat malt and winter spice. It’s light in color and goes down smooth with clove and fruit aromas. It is fairly low alcohol (5% ABV), so you can enjoy a few brews and appetizers at the next holiday party.

Thanks for reading and be sure to kickback this weekend with one of these winter brews in hand. And stop by next week, Katie will be baking up a bunch of holiday treats!

3 thoughts on “Brewmaster: Winter Beers

  1. Alice

    Wow! What beer to try. I think I might have to try the Moo Hoo or the Winter White. Thanks for the run down and the hints!


  2. Kim

    Chad, I feel we are beer soul mates! I love Shiner & have driven far, far out of my way to get Ruby Redbird when it wasn’t so widely available. Love their Holiday Cheer so much!

    I haven’t tried a few of these so thanks for the recommendations.


  3. Cate @ Chez CateyLou

    I had the Shiner Holiday Cheer at a restaurant last night! It was the first time I had seen it, and I had to get it based on the name and label alone! So festive! I liked it, although I am a fan of peaches so that could be why :) Thanks for the other recs – I need to seek out some holiday beers


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