Breakfast Picnic

There is nothing better than a summer picnic. But, as the weather heats up during the day, an outdoor mid-day meal might be out of the question. Instead, plan an early morning breakfast picnic to beat the heat.

Summer breakfast picnicWhether picnicking in your backyard or at a park a blanket or table cloth is a must for your meal. Pack your basket with homemade muffins, seasonal fruit, portable parfaits, juice and coffee. Dress up your basket by placing a small bouquet of flowers a basket opening. Wrap the stems with a moist paper towel to keep them hydrated.

Breakfast Picnic Menu

Blueberry Muffins  |  Seasonal Fruit  |  Portable Parfaits  |  Orange Juice  |  Iced Coffee

breakfast picnic - muffinsThe day before your breakfast picnic, whip up a batch homemade blueberry muffins. Blueberries are plentiful at the farmers’ market, so pick up a few pints get to work. I recommend this simple and healthy muffin recipe from Lori Lange, Recipe Girl. The day of the picnic, I packed up my muffins in a small basket with striped napkin. While at the farmers’ market, be sure pick up an extra pint or two of blueberries to munch on or another fruit that is in season.

breakfast picnic portable parfait & granolaPortable parfaits are another great item to bring on a picnic. You can prepare a batch quickly and they are easy to pack in small jelly jars. I chopped up strawberries and topped the fruit off with vanilla Greek yogurt. I love adding granola to my parfaits, but if you add it too soon, it will become soggy. My solution was granola packets. I used mini paper bags I found in the gift wrap section at Michael’s and filled them with granola and secured them with washi tape. It made a simple parfait fun and fancy.

milkNo picnic is complete without beverages. Fill a glass bottle with orange juice and add champagne to make mimosas. I also made sure to have iced coffee, like Slingshot Coffee, on hand. (Slingshot Coffee is made in Raleigh and is delicious!) In a cooler pack a mason jar of milk and a bag of ice cubes too make the perfect cup.

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