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Brewmaster // Twin StripeThe big game is upon us!  And even if you’re not a football fan, most Americans agree that the Super Bowl is a reason to celebrate. It’s a great reason to gather your friends and family together to eat and drink while cheering for the game (or the commercials)! If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party you already know that a lot food and drink will be needed over a four hour period. Watching football and drinking beer goes hand-in-hand, BUT this is a long event, you don’t want your friends and family falling into a boozy sleep and missing the numerous ‘Wrecking Ball’ parody commercials there will be this year. (Y’all know it’s coming!)

I recommend going ‘lite’ for Super Bowl night, even if you aren’t hosting but bringing your own beer to where you’re headed. No, I  don’t mean go pick up a 24-pack of Bud or Miller Lite, that would go against my Brewmaster series mantra of showing you all the alternatives out there!

So instead let’s talk about session beers.  For those who don’t know, session beers are generally categorized as interesting and flavorful brews that are between 4-5% ABV and don’t break the bank to buy.  Sounds like the perfect match for a Super Bowl party where you’ll be consuming more than 1 beer throughout the night!  While it’s true that Bud Light and Miller Lite are 4.2% ABV beers and cheap to buy, I have a hard time calling them flavorful, so these beers are rarely considered ‘session’ beers.

Brewmaster January // Twin Stripe

Founders All-Day IPA – 4.7% ABV
This beer by Founders hits the nail on the head for session beers. It’s named after the fact that you could drink these all-day and still be walking a (somewhat) straight line. It’s got a great balance of hops that even those who aren’t hop-heads can drink it down with ease. A favorite in our house all-year long.

21st Amendment Bitter American – 4.4%
This is an American pale session ale that packs in the hops and malt to give off a bitter taste. It has a nice golden color with a lot of lacy head and easier yet, comes in cans!

Goose Island 312 – 4.2%
You might know Katie and I first lived in Chicago before moving to North Carolina. Chicago was really where I got turned onto the craft beer scene and Goose Island was one of the major reasons. This wheat ale is Goose Island’s flagship beer and within the past two years has found itself moving out of the Chicagoland area to all over the country.  It’s a nice wheat alternative to a Blue Moon, garnish it with an orange and drink it into the night.

Red Brick Blonde Ale – 4.6%
This beer out of Atlanta uses Cascade & Apollo hops to give it a crisp, citrus taste.  It’s a pale malt ale that I found easy to drink and quite refreshing.  Probably the least amount of taste as far as the rest of these session beers go but still better than the ‘lite’ beers out there.

Flying Dog UnderDog – 4.7%

Love how easy this lager is to drink down. It’s got a nice crispness to it that finishes with a bit of hop. I imagine it’d be easy to enjoy a few of these in one sitting because of how drinkable it is without making you feel like you’re full of beer.

That does it for session beers!  Hope you learned something and saw something you want to try this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for more session style beers the next time you’re at the store and bring them along to your Super Bowl party, it’s sure to score you some extra points.

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