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Since it’s travel month on Twin Stripe, I wanted to share something perfect for beer adventures. A few months ago, Katie and I realized that we were visiting more and more breweries as we made our way across the country visiting friends and family. Katie had the brilliant idea to make a custom Google map of all the breweries that we’d visited so that we could record our drinking accomplishments! Creating a custom Google map is really easy and a great way to track any place that you want to remember you’ve been to. For example, you could track wineries, ballparks, sushi restaurants, coffee houses or whatever it is you love to do. Katie and I have made it to 40 breweries since starting this map and believe us when we say we’re just getting started!

Creating your own custom Google map is really simple – sign into your Google account and then go to Maps. Once there, click the little gear in the corner and select ‘My Places’. You will see all of the places you’ve saved and you can click the ‘Create Map’ button to start your very own  From there, name your custom map and start plugging in the places you’ve visited by finding each spot in the main search bar. We found the correct locations of the breweries and clicked on the pin and added it to the map. This is simple way to collect the places you’ve traveled.

GoToIPAThis post wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning a new brew to try. I must say, after my post in January about session beers, more companies are dipping their cup into the IPA session realm.  One of those is Stone Brewing, which Katie and I had the pleasure of visiting in April. I knew that they had been making a session IPA for a bit but was at the time completely hooked on All Day IPA by Founders.  When we were on the Stone Brewery tour (yes it’s on our beer map!), I was able to sample their Go To session IPA.  Wow.  Why had I not tried this beer yet?  Although All Day is still an excellent session IPA, Go To blows all others out of the water.  If you love IPA’s and you want to drink more than 2 in one sitting without getting goofy than I highly recommend this beer.  Stone already creates amazing west coast IPA’s and when you drink this beer it’s hard to believe they were able to pack such a powerful hop-punch into a 4.5% beer. Cheers to the weekend!

Brewmaster Chad

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  1. Chad, I love the map! I have been to some of those breweries too. You know IPA’s are not my favorite but I always find a wonderful beer to enjoy. Keep up the great blogging.

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