Brewmaster: Girl Scout Cookie Pairings

Brewmaster // Twin StripeBeer and cookies. That was my original name of this post before realizing it was really underselling the Girl Scouts and their amazing cookies that I gobble up every year. My first interaction between the powers of beer and cookies came when I was a kid in Indian Guides. I can clearly remember after one Indian Guides meeting the dads brought out snacks for everyone and, as the kids drank kool-aid, the dads opened up beers and ate cookies. That’s when one of the other dads came up to me and said, “Do you know what your dad loves the most? Cookies and beer.” I can still see my father standing there holding a can of beer in one hand and 2 or 3 cookies stacked in the other. He wasn’t wrong, there’s something great about cookies and beer.

New Belgium Slow Ride // Twin Stripe

New Belgium Slow Ride and Shortbread Cookies/Trefoils – Session IPAs have been become very popular over the last few years and this is New Belgium’s crack at it. It was worth the wait. Slow Ride it is full of hop flavor while only coming in at 4.5% ABV. The shortbread cookies will cut through the hoppy bitterness to cleanse your palette so you can take another sip! An alternative to Slow Ride is Stone’s Go To IPA, another powerhouse in the session IPA game.

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DuClaw Brewing Sweet Baby Jesus // Twin StripeBeer Snob glasses from Easy, Tiger.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus! and Caramel deLites/Samoas – I’ve found a new favorite. This combo will rock your socks off with its sweet chocolate peanut butter and caramel punch. Sweet Baby Jesus is a chocolate peanut butter porter that creates a rich taste you will love. I usually steer clear of porters because they overwhelm my tastebuds, but this beer comes in with the right amount of rich flavor. When teamed with the Caramel deLites, it’s a dessert dream in your mouth. If you can’t get DuClaw where you live, you can try Terrapin Liquid Bliss, another great chocolate peanut butter porter.

Woodchuck Hopsation Cider // Twin Stripe

Woodchuck Hopsation Hard Cider and gluten free Trios – This one is for Katie and anyone else out there who can now enjoy Girl Scout cookies thanks to this addition of gluten free Trios. I paired Trios, an oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie, with a Woodchuck Hopsation. Adding hops notes into a cider is a new trend to check out. The cider is light, smooth and crisp and washes down this drier cookie perfectly. Also try Angry Orchard’s Hop’n Mad, which is a hop infused cider.

Flying Dog Hefeweizen // Twin Stripe

Flying Dog Hefeweizen and Peanut Butter Sandwiches/Do-Si-Dos – The pairing of peanut butter and banana has been a favorite of mine for years. Flying Dog’s Hefe has huge banana notes at the onset and finishes smooth. Polishing off a few of these peanut butter packed sandwich cookies is all too easy with a beer that ties them together and goes down easy.

Duclaw Brewing Co. 865cc Coffee Stout // Twin Stripe

DuClaw 865cc Coffee Stout and Thin Mints – The mother of all Girl Scout cookies is the Thin Mint. This was the hardest one to pair up with a beer because the Thin Mint can stand on it’s own. (Who hasn’t eaten a whole sleeve in one sitting?) But, coffee, chocolate and mint have a natural habit of finding each other. That’s why it’s not surprising that this American coffee stout from DuClaw mixes well with the coveted Thin Mint. The coffee flavor is strong but lingers with the chocolate minty deliciousness of the cookie.

As I said at the beginning of this post, you really can’t go wrong with beer and cookies but hopefully this gives you some places to start. What Girl Scout cookies do you love getting every year? Have you found any beers that work well with your favorites?

Brewmaster Chad

PS – Wonder why each cookie has two different names? Find out here.

9 thoughts on “Brewmaster: Girl Scout Cookie Pairings

  1. Ok, this is such a cool post! I am not much of a beer person, but I think that wine goes great with cookies! Maybe you could do a sequel with wine pairings for Girl Scout cookies?

    1. That would mean that we might need to save up our cookies and not eat them all. I do love that idea! I’ll get on it!

  2. I have never thought of cookies and beer before, but I love both. We have a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies so we have to try it! It really sounds like fun.

  3. Girl, this is one of my favorite posts of yours! So unique and beautifully styled! Plus, it involves two things I like VERY much–beer and cookies! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jenna! I loved styling the photos with my hubby – but he is in charge of choosing the beers. 🙂

    1. My favorite favorite is the samoa and peanut butter stout. I don’t eat gluten, but the one bite I had was AMAZING!

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