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Closet Makeover with Hillary of Honey Hive Home Introduction // Twin StripeWhen Chad and I were house hunting, a walk in closet was at the top of my wish list. But, we were looking at older homes where walk in closets do not typically exist. When we fell in love with our home, I knew that I was going to have to give up the dream of large closet. I was able to downsize to fit everything into my closet, but its has been a struggle organizing my shoes, purses, accessories and clothing. To be honest, my closet was a bit of a mess and so I called on the organizational skills of the fabulous Hillary of Honey Hive Home.

Closet Makeover with Hillary of Honey Hive Home Before and After // Twin Stripe

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The week before Hillary and I got together, I decided to brighten my closet up. I put a coat of bright yellow paint on the back wall and spray painted my natural wood shelf neon pink. It really added the perfect pop to my closet.

Closet Makeover with Hillary of Honey Hive Home Shelf Divivders  // Twin Stripe

Closet organization is not for the faint of heart – Hillary and I spent a good fours hours working to maximizing my closet space. We added a more functional shoe rack, shelf dividers, a new set of drawers and more.

We started off by going through my clothing and purging what I didn’t wear any more. (Always have donation bags handy when going through my closet.) Together we rehung all of my clothing on matching, space-saver hangers, tiered skirt hangers and accessory hangers. We then reordered my clothing into four sections: dresses, pants, skirts and tops. Within the four sections, we hung my clothes in ROYGBIV color order. The order makes my life so much easier each day as I select my outfit.

Closet Makeover with Hillary of Honey Hive Home Boxes for purses and clutches  // Twin Stripe

Next, we reorganized the top shelf of my closet which contained assorted purses, clutches, totes and hooded sweatshirts. I had no idea how we were going to tackle that shelf, but Hillary knew exactly what to do. She found some amazing sweater and purse boxes which we promptly filled. One box of bags held neutral pieces and the other held my collection of bright and colorful bags that seem to be mainly pink. These boxes sit right above my sweater boxes, which are perfect for sweatshirts or anything that needs an organization system. We also used a few shelf dividers to better organize my clutches.
Closet Makeover with Hillary of Honey Hive Home Closet Drawers  // Twin Stripe

Hillary finally convinced me to get rid of the plastic drawers that I have had since freshmen year of college. She picked out a simple two draw set that can sit on the existing shelf already in the closet. To spice it up, I spray painted the handles to match the shelf. I am storing pajamas in the top draw and workout gear in the bottom – we marked each draw with a fun label. (A pro tip – Hillary suggested that I roll my clothes to save space and make life eaiser, so far so good.)

Closet Makeover with Hillary of Honey Hive Home Boxes scarft hanger  // Twin Stripe

I’ve been thrilled with my new shoe rack. As you can see, I do have a few open spots, so I’ll need to get a few more pairs of shoes. I also arrange my shoes in color order and it makes it easier on the morning.

Hillary picked everything for my closet makeover from a few different stores that have locations all over the country – Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, HomeGoods and The Container Store. If you are interested in working with Hillary, no matter where you are, be sure to check out her website and shoot her an email.

How do you organize your closet? What have you found works the best for your style? If you are looking for more closet organizational tips and ideas, next Wednesday I will be sharing more great tips from Hillary. Have a great rest of the week!


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  1. This is AMAZING, Katie! I have a teeny tiny closet like you and instead of complaining about it, I’d say it’s time for a makeover!! I love the idea of painting bright colors throughout. And that shoe rack is awesome. Looks like I’ll be making a Target/BB&B run this weekend!

  2. Your closet looks great. I really need to just purge because then my closet will look much better. I will have to get Dan in on it too since we share the same walk in closet.

  3. I love this!! I especially love your pop of color! We have a pretty big closet and last year my hubby rearranged and added more shelves. It was beautifully organized… But sadly it’s kinda a mess right now. This might be the motivation I need to get my closet back together!

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