DIY Dip Dye

Speaking of trends, I jumped on the dip dye bandwagon! I have had a cute DIY Dip Dyed stool from HGTV pinned for what seems like forever. This past weekend I made my Pinterest-inspired dreams come true. 

dip dye chairOne of my best friends, Kesson, just moved to a new apartment in DC. Her new place is great, but while I was visiting, I noticed that her Ikea chairs could use a little personality. So, Kesson and I headed to the paint store. We went with red because it’s her favorite color and she has a lot of great red statement pieces in her place already.

red This DIY is super easy, all you need is a little paint, a brush and some painter’s tape. (I got made fun of for using the acronym “DIY” too much — that’s what I get for being a craft nerd!)

I really like the way the chairs turned out and I hope Kesson does too.  The effect was a subtle since we only painted about 3 inches from the base of the chair, but it definitely did the trick personality-wise. It was really fun to actually re-create something from Pinterest. Does anyone have any DIY projects planned for the weekend?


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