DIY Heart Art!

DIY Heart ArtI decorated my little apartment for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so there was no way I was missing out on getting a little festive for Valentine’s Day. After a trip to the farmers’ market for fresh flowers and a quick stop at my favorite paper store, there was no turning back. Since I fell in love with some of Paper Sources‘ beautiful decorative papers, I decided to spruce up my walls with some Valentine inspired art.

DIY heart artThere’s no real skill to this DIY–just cut a heart out of pretty paper and slap it into a frame. What can make it interesting is layering textures. I used a combination of floral paper, glitter paper, and sequins to create an eye catching combo.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? I am lucky to have a mom who sends me wonderful care packages. Her Valentine’s Day ones are always the best, which means I have many heart-shaped dishes and pink decorative items that are fun to arrange and fill with candy and flowers. alison

One thought on “DIY Heart Art!

  1. I just LOVE this idea! I will have to try to remember it for next year!!

    I love all of the great ideas you girls put up here – Keep up the good (Fun!) work!!

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