Taco Week: DIY Taco Place Cards

Taco Week: diy taco place cards // Twin Stripe

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, which is a week from Tuesday, and one of my favorite foods, it’s Taco Week on Twin Stripe! All this week I will be sharing my favorite taco recipes, tasty side dishes, refreshing beverages and a whole lot of other surprises on the blog and social media. Today, I’ve created an adorable DIY taco place card for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.


Your guests will love discovering a mini taco filled with treats when they find their seat at your next fiesta. With a few simple materials, many of which you might already have at home, you can easily put together taco place cards.

Gold or neutral card stock
Assorted tissue paper
Fringe scissors
Filler Candy

Taco Week: diy taco place card instructions // Twin Stripe

Before you being constructing the tacos, you will need to cut two circles per place card out of the card stock. I used a 3.5 inch wide cup as my stencil. These circles will be used as the shell of the taco and the piece the fringe will sit on top of.

Lightly fold one circle in half, like a taco shell, but do not crease. Take the second circle and cut away the sides so you ended up with a football shaped piece. Fringe the edges of the football-shaped piece and fold up, so it can be added into the taco shell. It will take a little bit of bending and folding, but once you have created a little shelf for your fringe to sit on inside of the taco, glue or tape the piece to the inside of the taco. Keep one side open so you can stuff a few treats in and then close that end.


Once your taco shell is constructed, cut 1 inch strips of tissue paper and fringe one side with fringe scissors or a pair of regular scissors. (While fringe scissors aren’t necessary, they save time and are lot of fun.)

Once your fringe is cut, you can start adding it to your taco. Start at either end of the taco, add a small layer of glue and adhere strips of fringe, spacing them about 1/8″ apart and moving up the taco until you get to the center. Move to the other end of the taco and repeat.

Once I added fringe to both ends of my taco, I added a small piece of fringe in the top middle that covers where the fringe met. Once you have finished fringing your taco, you can write your guest’s names with a Sharpie or add a decorative initial sticker.


These mini taco place cards will delight your guests as they sit down for a delicious fiesta of tacos, chips and guacamole, and a margarita! Olé!


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  1. Ahh, these are so cute! I love them! I ate tacos three times over the weekend, so this is obviously something I need in my life. Yay, taco week!

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