Dog Decor

NashIf you know me personally or even follow me on Instagram, you know that I have a furry yellow sidekick named Nash. He’ll be four in May and we’re pretty much inseparable. I have always been a dog lover, sometimes to the extreme. I was the little girl that brought along her pocket dog encyclopedia to look up dog breeds while out and about. My love for dogs has also turned into a curated collection.

dog decorThe pillows are from Sarah Lee Parker and West Elm respectively. The Irish Belleek pieces are from my grandfather’s collection. I have a plethora of dog books ranging from novels to coffee table books.  The sweet bowl on the tray was a gift from my mom that came from NYC’s Pearl River Market.

dog decor

I am sure your recognize Maddie in the print from the Maddie on Things project by This Wild Idea. The dish is another West Elm item gifted to me by Katie and the dog art is a piece of paper from Papersource hung on the wall with washi tape. Believe it or not, this isn’t even all of the dog decor I own!

Do you collect anything? Have a great weekend!

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