Easter Cascarónes

Easter Cascarónes When I was in eighth grade, I convinced my parents to let me go on a Spanish class trip to San Antonio, TX. One of my fondest memories of the trip is discovering cascarónes in the market. Cascarónes are decorated eggs filled with confetti. My friend Courtney and I bought a bunch and had fun cracking them over our heads. (What can I say, we were very sophisticated!) I just learned that breaking a cascarón over one’s head will bring good luck.

Cascarónes suppliesOver the weekend I revisited my class trip by making my own cascarónes, which I plan to place on my Easter table along with my glitter bunny from last year. They are easy to make and a colorful addition to an Easter table.

Cascarónes with confettiSupplies

  • Drained and washed egg shells
  • Eye dye
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Before you can make cascarónes, you need to carefully crack the top of each egg and drain the content. (Tip: Make your Easter quiche with the eggs.) Use a small knife to carefully crack each egg. Drain, rinse and clean each shell. Next, I dyed the shells using PAAS egg dye. Let them dry completely, you do not want your confetti to get damp when you fill the eggs.

easter cascaronesNext, fill your shells with with homemade confetti made out of tissue paper. Cut tissue circles large enough to cover the openings. Gently glue the piece to the shell and your cascarónes are ready to smash and bring good luck!

Easter cascarones with flowersFor a pretty Easter setting, place one cascarón on each plate or create a center piece in the middle of the table with the eggs and fresh flowers.

How are you planning to celebrate Easter? Do you have any favorite brunch recipes?


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