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As you might remember, my motto for the year is “eat cake for breakfast.” I’ve been striving to make small moments, in my life and others, more joyful. My friend Stacey of Likes to Smile suggested I share a few ways in which I’m enjoying each moment. The last month has been very busy, between travel, work and play, so sometimes I need to work extra hard to find joy in a day, but below are a few ways I do.

Hobbes // Twin Stripe

Chad and I love to send each other random photo text messages to each other as way to let the other know we are thinking about them. Often times I will send a photo of a special memory or of our dog, Hobbes. Sending a photo text message to a friend or loved one when they least expect it is a great way to spread joy.

I love having a vase of fresh flowers or greenery on the kitchen table at all times. This little act makes our house feel like a home. They don’t need to be fancy, a $5 bunch from Trader Joe’s or clippings from the garden will do the trick and add a little extra to your day.

People bond over food. If your coworker is having a stressful day, why not pick up her favorite Starbucks beverage (and grab one for yourself while you are at it!). Bring donut Valentines or a homemade treat to share. I always get excited when treats are in the office kitchen and I’m guessing I’m not the only one!

Chad and I start our Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee and meal planning for the week. We use Elephantshoe’s fabulous free printable meal planner. We love having hanging out planner on the fridge because of course it keeps us organized, but it also gets us excited for meals to come.

What do you do to find joy in each day? The modern world can be stressful, so finding ways to enjoy each moment is so important.


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Katie is the voice behind lifestyle blog, Twin Stripe. Her blog is dedicated to helping readers create a bright and modern lifestyle that doesn’t cost a ton. Twin Stripe features easy DIY projects, tasty recipes, entertaining ideas, style tips, home decorating inspiration and more. Katie lives in Greensboro, N.C. with her fabulous husband, Chad, and adorable pup, Hobbes. She spends her spare time decorating their 1950s bungalow and throwing festive parties. Katie believes you can never have too much glassware or glitter!

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    1. Flowers are the best way to brighten up a space! Enjoy a big bunch after Friday, once they bring the prices back down!

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