Father’s Day Cheese Plate


My father is a very hard person to shop for and I’m sure many of you can relate. Recently, I introduced him to my profound love for cheese plates and in turn, he introduced me to good red wine. Because we’ve had a such a great time trying new cheeses and the accoutrements, I decided a set of cheese tools, along with some handpicked cheeses, would be the perfect father’s day gift.

Our perfect cheese plate always starts with Humboldt Fog, a soft, creamy goat’s milk cheese. It’s my dad’s favorite. We’ve found that a great combination of cheeses includes one brie-like soft cheese, one blue and a hard cheese, like Manchego. Another must have is Dalmatia Fig Spread (ours came from Whole Foods). It’s simply out of this world combined with softer cheeses. Other important additions to the perfect cheese plate include water crackers, sliced baguette, salted almonds and salami (ours was Olli Salumeria).  I also grabbed kalamata olives at the impressive olive bar at Whole Foods.


We celebrated Father’s Day a little early this week because my dad will be out of town, so I surprised him after work one night this week with a silly card I drew and a  bag of goodies. We took the cheese and wine out to the beach and had a great evening spending time together.


1. Crate and Barrel has a great selection of cheese boards and nibble bowls. 2. They have great cheese tools. 3. As well as humorous cheese markers.

I hope you all have a great weekend celebrating with your Dads. Anyone else have a dad that’s hard to shop for? Did you end up giving an unconventional gift?


One thought on “Father’s Day Cheese Plate

  1. Hey Alison, I tried out your cheese suggestions last week and again last night. It was perfect and we really loved the fig preserves. And as father knows best, we paired the cheeses up with red wine. It was perfect.

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