Spooky Drinks from your Halloween Bar

halloween drinkBy now you know about my love for Halloween. With the holiday quickly approaching and a costume party this weekend, I had to get my bar cart ready. And what’s a festive bar cart without a spooky beverage to go with it? I was inspired by some items I picked up on my last trip to Target, including some adorable mini cans of orange Fanta.

Fangta (get it, get it?!)

Ingredients: (makes one drink)
1.5 ounces vodka
half an ounce triple sec
half an ounce grenadine
1 mini can of Fanta

This is an easy concoction to make with just a few ingredients. The trick is to pour the grenadine first and then carefully pour the remainder of ingredients in slowly and carefully, so you get the blood-like effect in the bottom of the glass. More fright-inducing drinks can be found in this HGTV feature.

halloween barKeeping in the spirit, I decorated the bar car with a glitter skull and some other Halloween themed items. Luckily, my mom sent me decorative nonpareils,  my favorite candy. And yes, the garland is made from cheese balls. I saw a huge container of Utz cheese balls at Target and I couldn’t resist.

cheese ball garlandAnyone attending a Halloween party this weekend?


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