Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Twin Stripe

Happy Friday! Today I am so excited to share my favorite room in our house: the office. Chad and I share an office, but I’ll be honest, I’ve taken a lot of it over with craft supplies, camera equipment and blog props. We both love to work together in the office, bouncing ideas off of each, sharing tips and more.

Click through to see more of the office and the entire gallery wall! 

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Twin Stripe

You might remember seeing the office a year or so ago and the gallery did not look nearly as complete, but with some help from my friends at Minted, I was able to add a few pieces for a brand new look. I was very impressed with the framing work Minted does. It’s high quality, professional and affordable.

Clockwise from top right: Concert, Kristin Muntean for Minted in whitewashed herringbone frame  |  Land of Plenty, Emily Jeffords for Minted in white frame   |  Tangerine, Alexandra Dzh for Minted in reclaimed barnwood frame  |  Pining for Pineapple, Joni Tyrrell for Minted in white frame  |  Better with Stripes, Marc Johns  |  Minted Fabric Wallhanging (see below)  |  Make It Happen (similar), Lara Casey  |  Neon Pink Ampersand Screen Print, Ampersand Design Studio  |  Rainforest, Cass Loh for Minted in whitewashed herringbone frame  |  Jack Russell Terrier, Josh Brill for Lumadessa  |  Antlers, Vintage

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // DIY Wall Hanging with Minted Fabric // Twin Stripe

Minted recently added a fabric line to its many offerings and let me tell you, the fabrics are beautiful! I order three different fabrics to create a simple DIY wall hanging to add to the gallery wall.

Fabrics from left to right: Flamingo Frenzy, Kirby Lee Smith for Minted  |  Summer Fun, Simona Cavallaro for Minted   |  Bold Watercolor Floral, Qing Ji for Minted

To recreate this look at home, purchase different sized embroidery hoops, mine are 4, 5 and 8 inches, and stretch a piece of fabric across each one. Use a hot glue gun to attach the smaller hoops to the larger and add to your gallery wall.

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with MintedHome Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Get To Workbook // Twin Stripe

Desk Accessory Sources:

Acrylic Photo Block, Tiny Prints  |  DIY Agate Pen Cup  |  Lemon Verbena Candle, Let’s Put a Bird on It  |  Post It Notes, Kate Spade  |  Desk Organizer, HomeGoods  |  Get To Work Book Planner

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Pineapple Minted Notebook

I found this adorable desk chair at TJ Maxx a few years back and it works perfect in my office. I added an Ikea sheepskin to make the seat extra cozy. I like to think that’s where I get my best ideas, but I really think they come to me in the shower!

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Pig bookends and 2 stratfordshire dogs

I keep a few of my favorite books and references on my desk. I still love my cb2 gold pig bookends; I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with them. I also can never have enough notebooks at my desk. I love Minted’s personalized notebooks. How adorable are those pineapples?

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Gold Striped Inspiration Board // Twin Stripe

I’m still loving the DIY gold striped inspiration board I made over a year ago. I love collecting inspirational images and quotes and adding them to board.

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted

I keep the supplies, props and books that I use most in the bookcase next to my desk. The printer is also there for easy access.

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // terrarium  // Twin StripeHome Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Chad's desk  // Twin Stripe

You might have noticed the office walls are painted Behr Pixie Dust pink. Chad doesn’t mind the color, but he didn’t want to look at it all day long, so we choose to paint one wall with chalkboard paint. It’s great to write to lists and write and draw notes to each other.

Despite the fact that I have taken over much of the office, we do have a “beer corner” with a stocked mini fridge, IPA glasses and Pop Chart Lab’s “The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer” poster. Friends and family love coming over to see what our favorite brew of the moment is.

Home Tour: Office + Gallery Wall with Minted // Beer Fridge // Twin Stripe

I hope you all have been enjoying the home tour and a peek into my office. There won’t be a new room next Friday since I’m taking a day off to totally enjoy my vacation! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to follow my Haven Conference adventures on Instagram and Twitter!


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  1. Your office is too cute! I love the gallery wall. I’ve been thinking about doing something like that in my office, too. I’m moving later this year so I’ve been collecting ideas for my office. Definitely pinning yours for inspiration!

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