Inspiration String

A few weeks ago Bri Emery from Design Love Fest and Jen Gotch from hosted a craft event at an Anthropologie store in California. The project for the evening was to create something they call an inspiration string. Basically, string as many pretty and inspiring things you can onto a piece of neon twine, hang it up and enjoy. It looked like such a fun event and I wish I could have attended.  Why don’t we have that teleporting thing worked out yet?

Inspiration Strings

For a while, I couldn’t get the idea of creating one of these beautiful inspiration strings out of my head, even though I had a billion other things to do (thanks grad school). Then the idea struck me. An inspiration string could be the perfect send off gift for a friend that will be exploring the United States as a travel physical therapist for the next year. Because she’ll being moving every three months, she won’t be able to take many things with her and her housing will be furnished. An inspiration string is the perfect portable decor that also allows her take a piece of home with her wherever she goes!

inspiration string

I grabbed some neon pink twine at Lowes (known as mason line), printed some photos of family and friends and rounded up all of the scraps from previous Twin Stripe art projects. Putting the inspiration string together was easy. I strung the items without rhyme or reason and used washi tape, knots and binder clips to attach the goodies. I put the string and two push pins for hanging in a small cellophane bag and threw in a sweet Rifle pocket notebook to record stories from her journey. Good luck in Idaho, Britt and Matt, love you!


The first photo is from the Design Love Fest blog post promoting the event. 

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