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Welcome to the brand new Twin Stripe Magazine! As you can see our format has changed. In the beginning stages of brainstorming for the second issue, we were inspired by advice given to us by our Master’s program coordinator, Brad Berkner. By putting our magazine in a online publishing platform, we were limiting potential interactivity. In creating this issue we wanted to employ a variety of skills acquired from our time in the Elon iMedia program. We spent a lot of time on research and development which included usability testing and busting out our coding skills to build the entire magazine with HTML5 and CSS. Enjoy the new interactive features throughout this issue. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Throughout the process of building Issue 2, we found that we wanted to engage with our readers on a more regular basis. We created the Twin Stripe blog and update it three times a week. We have great posts with fun DIYs, technology tips, design roundups and updates on progress of future issues.

Thanks again for reading Twin Stripe Magazine. We worked really hard on this issue and we hope you enjoy it.

Alison & Katie

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