Neon Polka Dot Pillowcase DIY

After our Styled. Magazine feature and Katie’s neon post this week, I decided to finish out the week with this fun neon polka dot pillowcase DIY.

For this DIY I drew inspiration from Hrrrthrrr’s DIY heart tote and these cute polka dot pillowcases found on Oh Joy’s blog.



  • Pillowcase
  • Freezer paper
  • Hole punch or exacto knife  – I used Martha Stewart’s “Punch Around the Page” punch
  • Iron
  • Fabric paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Cardboard or brown paper bag

Punch or cut holes in a random pattern on a piece of freezer paper that is the same size as your pillowcase. Then iron the freezer paper onto the pillowcase, shiny side down.

Next, brush the fabric paint onto the pillowcase. (Place the cardboard or paper bag inside the pillowcase so the paint doesn’t bleed through.) I used Hrrrthrrr’s advice and painted from the edge inwards, as not to push paint under the stencil. Follow the directions on the paint for drying time and washing instructions.


Voila! You have cute pillowcases for under $10. I love the ones from Castle, but since I’m in grad school and don’t have any extra cash, I wanted to figure out a way to get the same look for less.  Here’s to graduating in May and getting a paycheck again!

6 thoughts on “Neon Polka Dot Pillowcase DIY

  1. What an awesome idea. I will definitely be trying this out sometime.
    This is certainly way cheaper (and just as cute!) as the Castle ones – $49 for One pillowcase – crazy!
    Although, what is freezer paper? Is that wax paper or parchment or something else entirely?

    1. Thanks so much Meredith. Freezer paper can be found in the same aisle as the wax paper. It has a shiny side and a dull side and the shiny side is that adheres to the fabric with an iron. Then when you’re done you can just peel it off. It’s perfect for stencils.

  2. Just saw this featured on Spearmint Baby and had to click through to tell you how much I love it. Love! Filing this idea away (read: pinning) for when I need to make a “big girl room”. Thanks for the inspiration!

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