Ombre Coaster DIY

ombre coastersOur last Mother’s Day post is a colorful DIY. My mom loves handmade gifts, along with many other mothers I’m sure. She drinks hot tea every morning, so these DIY ombre coasters are the perfect gift.

coaster diyMaterials:

  • Cork Plant Sacuer
  • Mod Podge
  • Tissue Paper (three similar monochromatic colors)
  • Metallic Paint

We picked up four cork saucers, normally placed under potted plants, at our local hardware store. The rest of the materials we had on hand. Tear pieces of tissue paper and arrange them in a gradient pattern to achieve the ombre look.  Adhere the tissue paper to the cork saucers by brushing on light coats of Mod Podge. We used the flat side of the coasters, with the cork facing down. To create a more finished look, we painted the sides and tops edges with metallic paint. To make the coasters more durable, we plan on applying a sealer.


Thanks for being the best, Mom! I love you!

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