Philadelphia Flower Show

Flower lovers from all over the country have been flocking to the city this week for the Philadelphia Flower Show. Sunday marks the last day in a nine-day celebration. Philadelphia is home to the country’s first horticulture society and the event has been taking place since 1829. It’s estimated that over 260,000 people attend each year! This year’s theme, “Brilliant!” is inspired by British culture. And let me tell you, it was grand.

Philadelphia Flower ShowI am happy to have my mom in town this weekend, so we took a trip over to the convention center to see what all the fuss was about. I have never seen so many flowers in my life! It felt a little like we were at Willy Wonka’s, except trade the chocolate for flowers. Everything was so lovely and I know my mom’s head is spinning with ideas for her garden in Wilmington. She has quite the green thumb. Unfortunately, I’m not as lucky.

Philadelphia Flower ShowIt was hard to choose, but one of my favorite exhibits was inspired by the five squares of Philadelphia. Because I go to Washington Square practically everyday and to Rittenhouse Square every weekend with Nash, I loved seeing floral representations of the parks.

Philadelphia Flower ShowThis is an incredible event. If you’d like to see more photographs, I’d encourage you to track the Philadelphia Flower Show 4square location tag on Instagram. It’s fun to see what exhibitions and flowers inspire. Hope you do something fun this weekend. It’s supposed to warm up here, so hopefully we’ll see a few flowers blooming outside of the convention center!


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  1. Your flower show looks SO much more impressive than the one we had in a week before yours. Our theme was ‘Hollywood’, but your theme sounds so grand! Thank you for sharing a piece of that show with me!


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