Philadelphia Mural Arts Month

philadelphia muralIf you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed the photo of a beautiful mural I took last week. It actually reminded me of Katie and her love of chevrons. In Philadelphia you can find a mural on every corner. In 1984, The Mural Arts Program was created to fight the graffiti crisis in the city.  Jane Golden, a muralist, reached out to graffiti artists and through collaboration they found a way to redirect their energy into mural painting instead of destructive graffiti. In it’s life span, The Mural Arts Program has produced over 3,000 murals!

philadelphia muralsMural painting ended up bringing the community together in addition to making the city more beautiful. The Mural Arts Program supports educational programs serving at-risk youth and  criminal and restorative justice programs at local prisions and rehabilitation centers.

Mural Arts Month PhiladelphiaOctober is Mural Arts Month, so Philadelphia will be celebrating with events through the end of the month. I am familiar with the murals in my neighborhood and hope to uncover more as I explore more of the city. Hey, I might even take the “Painting Philly” trolley tour. I look forward to seeing the murals with new perspective after this little history lesson.

Does your city do anything like the Mural Arts Program? Have a great weekend and make sure you come back Monday, we’ve got some big news!


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