Planting a Herb Garden (Continued)

DiY Herb Garden // Twin Stripe

Once I had my cocktail herbs picked out, it was time to get planting. To plant your own garden, you will need:

  • Planter or tera cotta pot (I picked up a 16″ x 16″ raised garden from Home Depot.)
  • Herbs, amount will different depending on size of planter
  • Garden soil
  • Shovel
  • GlovesDiY Herb Garden // Twin Stripe

As you have probably noticed, I decided to spruce up my container by adding vibrant triangles to one side of the garden. To do this, I taped off three triangles with painters tape and used leftover house paint to add the triangles. This took less than 10-minutes and added big impact to the planter. If you are growing herbs in tera cotta, you can also dress the pot up with a bit of paint around the rim.


Once you have assembled your garden, you will need to select a sunny spot that gets at least 6 hours a day of sun. Add a mound of soil, but do not fill it all of the way up since your herbs are already in soil. I also mixed in a bit of fertilizer to keep my herbs happy all summer long. Before I planted the herbs, I moved them around to figure out the perfect layout. Mint has a tendency to sprawl, so I put it on the side, so it could easily grow out of the box. Once all herbs were planted, I added a bit more soil and then watered the herbs. Depending on the climate you live in, you will most likely need to water everyday or every other. If your herbs become droopy, be sure to give them some water.

Above is an example of a tera cotta planter. I put one herb plant in and added a few marigolds, which help keep bugs away. I love my new herb garden, which is right outside of our kitchen where I can see it each morning. It is also easy to grab fresh herbs for recipes and a good reminder to water it if the plants start to wilt. Have you planted any herbs this spring? What are your favorites? Check back on Friday for a tutorial on how to make garden stakes.


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