Road Trippin

road trip

It has been quite a while since I did a music post, but it’s road trip time again. I’m embarking on my journey to Philadelphia today, with a stop in DC. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be listening to Beach House’s new album, Bloom, on repeat.

I saw Beach House a couple of summers ago with Vampire Weekend. Their set was beautiful and included dreamy lighting with a twinkling starry night effect. Their songs off of Teenage Dream were great, but I have to say, the new album  is even better. The songs are perfect for road tripping and rolling down the windows. I love that each song starts a bit soft and builds an intense crescendo by the end. My favorite track at the moment is “New Year”.

I’m a little behind on this one, but my brother just introduced me to MIA’s Bad Girls video. It is so awesome and I’ve watched in no less than 10 times already. The is song awesome, MIA is incredible and I kind of have a thing for racing and car stunts, what can I say? “Bad Girls” will definitely be on my playlist.


In addition, two of my favorite bands have just released new music, so you can be sure they made it on to my playlist today as well. Yeasayer has two new tracks and Twin Shadow just released “5 Seconds”, as well music video to go with it. I am really looking forward to creating an awesome new playlist for the summer Twin Stripe issue. Hopefully these tracks will tide you over, so enjoy and have a great weekend!


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