Behind the Blog: Social Media Tips & Tricks

Today is another installment of Behind the Blog! As a refresher, I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers from several different niches to share what happens behind the scenes of our blogs. Today we are sharing some of our favorite social media tips and tricks!

Behind the Blog: Social Media Tips & Tricks // Twin Stripe

Social media is a great tool to promote and share your content, but  it’s even more powerful when you use it to build community. Social media experts are always telling you to, “Be social.” Do you ever wonder what that means? I’ve put together the most impactful ways to be social and develop a strong community on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

1. Twitter is the easiest platform to be social on, but in a world of scheduled content, it is easy to become antisocial. When you schedule content, make sure it will resonate with your followers and @ mention the content creator. Respond to any questions or comments the content generates.

Apart from scheduled content, be sure to log on to Twitter, say hello and chat with other creatives. Bonus points if you join a Twitter chat or two. (Here’s a list of chats to get you started.)

2. Pinterest is the hardest social network to be truly social on. Sure you can comment, but I think the best way to interact with others is to like and pin their content. Share your favorite Pinterests feeds via Twitter or a blog post.

3. Facebook is another great place to grow a community via blog focused groups like. Blog+ Biz BFFs, Blogging Boost and Blog Fuel are three of my favorite groups to engage with others. Facebook groups are great platforms to network with other bloggers, pose questions to problems you may be experiencing and share your best content. If you haven’t joined one of these groups, give it a try today.

If you have a blog Facebook page, create more interaction by sharing your work, asking questions and once again sharing other’s content. Always respond to messages and comments received.

4. Instagram is my favorite social media outlet because it is so easy to connect with fellow bloggers and readers through hashtags. Instagram users are able to search for relevant content with hashtags. If you tag something  #ontheblog, you can easily see who else has used that hashtag. You can like and comment on photos of others you might want to network with. Hop on over to my biz blog to learn more about hashtags and selecting the best ones for your blog.

In addition to connecting via hashtags, you also want to make sure you respond to comments left on your Instagram photos. When responding, included @ and the user’s name you are responding to so they receive a notification about your comment.

Putting these social strategies in motion will help you build a strong community via social media. You will grow a network that will celebrate your accomplishments and help support you when you need it most.

If you are new to social media, all of this socialization might seem a bit overwhelming. Instead of trying to be social on all platforms, start with one platform and add another platform when you are comfortable with the first. If you are looking for some extra social media help, don’t miss my social media strategy offerings including a free discovery call!

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it!

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  1. Loving your tips here, Katie! I need to check out some of those FB groups, as I’m trying to get better about Facebook stuff. I also love the rec to hop onto Twitter for chats to connect with other creatives!

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