Stocking the bar with skulls

It’s no secret that I have a thing for skulls. I’ve got quite a collection of skull-themed housewares and Halloween is the perfect time to bring them all out of the woodwork. Some of my favorite items are perfect for stocking the bar.

Stocking the bar with skulls

1. Punk Tumbler | Zara Home 2. Skull and Cross Bones Bottle Opener | World Market 3. Bone Chillers | Fred 4. Crystal Head Vodka 5. Letterpress Skull Coasters | Sesame Letterpress Shop 6. Bone Collector Swizzle Sticks | Party City 7. The Draper Accent Table | Society Social

If you prefer beer over cocktails, check out a roundup of beers seasonal beers with skull labels in the latest issue of Twin Stripe!


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