Thank You Twin Stripe!

thank you twin stripe

We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the very beginning of Twin Stripe. I met Katie in grad school the fall of 2011. We discovered our shared love of design, interiors, and parties and in the process became fast friends. We’ve had such a great time creating each issue and I feel like the content has just gotten better and better.

For me though, I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately. Moving — first to Philadelphia and then to Austin — and my life and work responsibilities, have left me a bit tired and uninspired and it’s time for me to step away from Twin Stripe for now. I am sad and will miss posting each week, but am looking forward to focusing on getting to know my new city, making new friends, finding my place in the community and getting re-inspired.

Katie will be continuing with Twin Stripe and already has some amazing things lined up! I hope to guest post and contribute in the future.

Thanks to Katie for an awesome two years with Twin Stripe and I can’t wait to have her and Chad visit me in Austin soon!


5 thoughts on “Thank You Twin Stripe!

  1. Aww! You two have created something so wonderful! I’m sad to see you step away Alison, but it’s completely understandable. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Twin Stripe!

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