Weekend Review

This weekend Twin Stripe reunited! We’ve only been apart a week, but it felt like much longer. Katie made the trek to Wilmington so we could shoot a few features for the summer issue. We enjoyed a cocktail Sunday evening to celebrate our reunion and our impending return to the real world.


We realized we had almost all of the ingredients needed for this margarita recipe. With a few substitutions, we came up with a delicious blood orange margarita.

Katie and I are excited to start the next step in our careers. Katie is going to be working with the iMedia program and other grad programs in the Office of Graduate Admissions at Elon University. She’s excited to be working on a college campus helping students find the right fit in a graduate program. Katie is also looking forward to moving to Greensboro with Chad. We’re pretty excited that we’ll have a new space to decorate!

I’ve accepted an internship with Happy Cog, a web design and development shop in Philadelphia. I am looking forward to expanding on the skills I gained in the iMedia program and working with some of the best in the industry. My Mom and Dad are both from the area, so I’m excited to explore my roots and get to know the city. I also see a lot of cheese steaks in my future.

In true Twin Stripe fashion, we both have the same start day for our new positions.


Check out Brad Berkner’s new site. He helped us tremendously with the spring issue  of Twin Stripe as our independent study advisor.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Review

  1. Yaya! Great news all around! Congrats Katie and Alison! And Alison I am excited for you to be in Philly. My job starts September 4th so we will have to get lunch / happy hour 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for you guys! I didn’t know that both of you two were doing those things! Yay for Elon and Happy Cog, they are getting a couple of really talented people! YAY 😀

  3. Congratulations you two! You are both destined for such great things. Katie, looking forward to seeing you help grow the iMedia program! Alison, have fun in Philadelphia! I grew up in West Chester, PA – a suburb of Philly and love the area. Go Phillies!

    Looking forward to the summer issue!

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