A Look Inside My Bag + a Custom Illustration

For my 30th birthday, I wish listed a custom “What’s in my Bag” illustration. I’ve always been interested in what people carry in their bags, so much so that in college I created a series of photographs around the concept. A custom illustration of what I carry in my bag seemed like a great way to commemorate age 30. Today I’m sharing the illustration and “What’s in my bag.”

There are some talented custom artists you can order a custom handbag illustration from on Etsy including Coco Draws, Roaring Softly and EmmaKisstina. I ended up not working with any of them because my former Twin Stripe blogging partner, Alison, is a fabulous illustrator. Alison and I emailed about my handbag essentials and I sent her a few photos and she came up with a beautiful “What’s in my Bag” illustration.

What's in my bag: purse illustration by Alison Harshbarger // Twin Stripe

What’s in my bag, clockwise from top left: Handbag, Kate Spade Saturday, (similar: Ligero Satchel Satchel Handbags, Marc by Marc Jacobs)  |  Mint 500 mL Bottle, BKR  |  Color Block iPhone Case, Ban.do  |  Day Designer, Whitney English  |  Notebook Set, Kate Spade  |  Le Pen Drawing Pen Set, Amazon  |  Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Treatment, Fresh  |  Cord Taco, This Is Ground  |  Cedar Street Stacy Wallet in Black, Kate Spade

Click through to learn more about what’s in my bag!

I recently moved to this smaller gray satchel from the now defunct, Kate Spade Saturday line. Because this bag is smaller than what I was carrying, my Day Designer doesn’t fit, but it works just fine because it doesn’t come everywhere with me. I do make sure to always have a note book and a pen or two to write down any brilliant ideas that come to me. I’m always pulling out my headphones to listen to a podcast and my Cord Taco keeps my headphones from becoming a gigantic mess.

What's in your bag? // Twin Stripe

Of course, Alison did not share every single item in my bag, so I’m sharing a closer look. with you. I always carry business cards with me where ever I go. You never know who you might meet. I recently had new cards printed at Moo and I couldn’t be happier with their quality. I also recommend a fun business card case to keep your bag stocked and organized.

The sweet Baggu pouch Alison hand painted for me is filled to the brim with lip gloss. I never know what color I need, so they all end up in my purse. I keep a giant tassel on my keys so they are easy to spot and grab on the go. While I try not to keep too many extra items in my bag, but there are days when I think I’m carrying everything but the kitchen sink around.

What's in my bag: purse illustration by Alison Harshbarger // Twin Stripe

I would love for you to share what in your bag? Do you are around a giant tote or just the essentials?

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5 thoughts on “A Look Inside My Bag + a Custom Illustration

  1. The illustration turned out so cute! I’m always rocking a crossbody bag, which limits what I can carry, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have 17 chapsticks/lipglosses on hand at all times haha

    1. It’s a good thing to have a smaller bag I think! But yes, we all need a million lip products of course! 🙂

  2. I found your bag very organized. I have a small shoulderbag. I carry several gift cards and medical items. I also have a couple pair of glasses. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a cute illustration! It’s such a fun idea to do this! I never would have thought of doing this, but now I want one. 🙂

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