Blog Tour // Twin StripeHappy Labor Day, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. I’m working today because the university is open, but it should be a quiet day which is perfect for getting projects completed. I enjoyed a weekend filled with football, pizza, photo shoots and brunching. I couldn’t ask for more.

I love making friends in the blogging world and meeting them in person is even better. When I was at #SBScon in July, I met so many amazing and inspiring ladies and it reinforced my decision to keep blogging. LaTisha from fashion and lifestyle blog Blushing Black is one of the wonderful ladies I met in Atlanta. If you aren’t familiar with Blushing Black, I highly suggest you check it out, it is filled with fashion inspiration, tasty recipes and a lot of soul. She invited me on a blog tour so I could share a behind the scenes look at my creative and writing process.

What am I working on?

Currently, I have a lot more ideas than I could ever have time for, which is extremely refreshing. I document them all on my planning calendar and work them out in my sketchbook. I’ve been gearing up for the switch to fall and focusing some posts around that. I have a great closet update post, a beauty post and giveaway, a very personal post and more. I’ve been working diligently with Twin Stripe the past few weeks, but I’m hoping to get ahead next Tuesday, when I take a day off.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I realize that everyone leads a busy life and doesn’t have time to make a DIY or cocktail with 50 steps and endless materials or ingredients. I try to keep it simple and classic on Twin Stripe. If I wouldn’t make it, wear it or buy it, I won’t share it.

I recently started style posts, I love fashion and I believe it should be affordable and wearable. It was a bit intimating to post that first set, but I have received some great feedback, so I will keep sharing outfit posts 1-2 times a month.

Why do I write what I do?

I try to write and create posts that are inspired by my own life. If I’m hosting a party, I love to share how I decorate, what I serve and drink and highlight other special details. I am also inspired by the seasons. I am very mindful of the time of year in my own life, so I try to carry that over to the blog. If I’m looking for a healthy salad recipe, I will share recipes that use in-season produce. I turn to the internet for inspiration and I know others do too.

How does your writing process work?

To be perfectly honest, my favorite part of putting together the post is the planning, excution and photography. As I put more and more blog posts together, I’ve become more comfortable and confident in my writing and am working on finding my unique voice. Typically, I put the images in the post and write after that. I try to make notes in my sketchbook when I have time, but time sure does fly!

Thanks for reading my blog tour of Twin Stripe! I hope you learned something new about the blog. Coming up next, I asked a few more lovely ladies to share their blog tours over the next few days:

My fashionable friend from the Southern Blog Society, Madeline of Style Me Thrifty, will be joining the blog tour. Ever since I discovered her blog, I’ve loved her affordable outfits and killers sense of style. She has also been extremely supportive as I launched my own style posts.

A local blogger, Lura of Light on a Hill, will also be taking you on a tour of her fashionable blog. I met Lura a few months ago at a Greensboro blogger meet up. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and reading her blog, be sure to do the same!

The last blogger I tagged is Gina of Gina-Alyse. She is a senior in college at Elon University, where I work. Many of Gina’s projects or ideas are centered around college, but so many of her ideas can be applied to any age. I’m looking forward to grabbing a cup of coffee with Gina soon.

I hope you loved the Twin Stripe blog tour and have a better understand of what it is like on a day-to-day basis. Have a great week!


DIY Travel Laundry Bag // Twin Stripe

Happy Friday once again! Today I’m going to show you how to make a fun and easy laundry bag for your long weekend giveaway, but first, a travel month wrap up. August is nearing and end, so this is the last day of travel month, but have no fear, there will always be more travel tips and destinations featured on Twin Stripe!

Travel Month 2014 // Twin StripeThanks to Alison, Kim of The Made Thing, Susannah of Feast + West and Jess of 26 and Not Counting for sharing their cities with us!  This year we visited:

Take a look at Travel Month 2013 Destinations. Clic through to learn how to make a fun and colorful laundry bag. (more…)

I would like to welcome Jess from 26 and Not Counting to Twin Stripe today. I stumbled across her blog a few months ago and fell in love with her honesty and she has great style. Jess lives on the other side of Missouri from where I grew up, in Kansas City. She is sharing some places I can’t wait to check out!

Kansas City, MO Travel Guide  // Twin Stripe

“Kcsky” by Original uploader was Leprecub at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

Hello! My name is Jess and I blog over at 26 and Not Counting. I’m so excited Katie asked me to be here today to give you a glimpse into what Kansas City, MO has to offer. I can assure you, it’s nothing short of amazing.