Happy October! September sure went by quickly. The leaves are changing and the weather is getting chilly. Today I’m sharing a look that is perfect for a fall brunch or any weekend activity.

Sunday Brunch Style Floral Bomber Jacket eShakti.com // Twin StripeWeekend brunch is one of my favorite meals. I love rounding up friends on the weekend to gather around endless coffee and mimosas, plates filled with eggs, bacon and toast, and the amazing conversation that brunch seems to spur. It is the perfect way to spend a fall morning.

Bracelet with Floral Bomber Jacket eShakti.com // Twin Stripe

Recently, eShakti, an online women’s shop that customizes your order to your body, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying one of their custom pieces. After much deliberation, I choose the digital floral print bomber jacket. Floral is in for fall, so I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The ordering process from eShakti was super easy. I selected my size and height and then I selected a few custom styling options –  my sleeve and jacket length. I loved the customization options. Click through to find out more about the look and my experience with eShakti! (more…)

Before you dig into the new brewmaster post, I want congratulate Alexis R. She is the winner of the (PLĀ) Beauty Glam Lip Glosses! Enjoy!

Brewmaster // Twin StripeWelcome to another addition of the Brewmaster series. this month I’m taking a look at gluten free and low gluten beers. As you probably know from reading Katie’s recent post, she’s chosen to go gluten free and one of the first challenges was to find the best gluten free beer. What we’ve found so far is that there are different ways to approach making a gluten free beer. There are beers brewed with traditional beer ingredients and then have the gluten removed afterwards. There are also those that substitute sorghum for barley, which contains gluten, and then there are hard ciders.

Gluten Free Beer//Twin Stripe

Omission Lager – If I were to sit down and blind taste test a variety of lagers this one would blend right in. Omission uses barley during their brewing process then removes the gluten at the end. You wouldn’t know that this beer is gluten free and that’s exactly what Omission is going for.

Brunehaut Blonde Ale – This blonde comes from Belgium and is another example of a brewery that uses barley in it’s process then removes the gluten after the fact. Katie and I both found this beer to be right in line with other blonde ales that we’ve enjoyed and I’m excited to try the three other gluten free beers they Brunehaut offers: a Belgium white, an amber, and a tripel.

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale - This beer is brewed with sorghum, buckwheat honey and strawberries – therefore, there it is completely GF. That in itself is a pretty good description for how this beer tastes, it’s very fruity and untraditional. If you’re into those fruit infused beers than this is one to check out.

Omission Pale Ale – This pale ale from Omission is another winner. I could easily drink  it without realizing that it’s gluten free. It’s a bold crisp beer that goes down easy and comes in at 5.8% ABV, very comparable to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and one we found in the beer section at Target.

Woodchuck Pumpkin Hard Cider – Ciders are completely gluten free and a good introduction place to start if you’re not a big fan of beer. I for one got started ciders before beer. While on a trip to the UK during college, beer wasn’t my thing and I was introduced to the wide range of ciders that are available across the pond.  This cider by Woodchuck is perfect for gluten free peeps who are looking for something with pumpkin flavor but not an overwhelming sweet cider taste. Katie has always been a fan of pumpkin style beers and this one hit the spot.

Certainly from what Katie and I have found in our two months of gluten free beer drinking is that brews with the gluten removed taste more ‘beer’ like. These beers contain less than 5 parts per million of gluten in them after the extraction so unless you have severe gluten allergies you probably won’t notice the difference.

This is only scratching the surface of gluten free beers, I’m already planning another post on gluten free beers down the road as we try more and more of these elusive beers. I’m also working on a post on the best ciders out there so keep checking back for more and thanks for reading!

Health Warrior Chia Bars // Twin Stripe

Have you ever put a spoonful of chia seeds in your smoothie? I add a spoonful of the powerful little seeds to add protein, fiber and omega-3s to my daily routine. As I was searching for healthy, gluten free snacks, I ran across Health Warrior Chia Bars. They came in so many amazing sounding flavors that I couldn’t wait to try them. The folks at Health Warrior were nice enough to send me a care package with a selection of their chia bars. Health Warrior Chia Bars // Twin Stripe

I’ve fallen in love with the banana nut and acai berry flavors, but I must say, all are delicious. These bars are great because they are 100 calories, have five grams of sugar (or less) and are non-GMO. I keep a stash in my purse, desk and gym bag. They are so great when you need a boost.Pumpkin Spice Chia Pudding // Twin StripeHealth Warrior also sells individual bags of chia seeds. As I mentioned before, I love adding chia seeds to my smoothies, baked goods, and chia seed pudding. Chia seeds expand to 10 times their original size when they come in contact with moisture, such as a smoothie or pudding. (For all of you pudding fans, chia pudding’s texture is lighter and not as thick.)

Regardless, making a chia seed pudding is a breeze. I found this pumpkin spice recipe on Kris Carr’s blog and couldn’t wait to make it. There is a nice pumpkin flavor, but I added some tasty pumpkin spice granola from blogger, Brittany A. Ray. It can be made a day or two ahead and is always the perfect breakfast.

Pumpkin Spice Chia Pudding // Twin Stripe

Have you tried chia seeds yet? If not, grab some this weekend and give them a spin.

Thanks for all of your support, emails and kind words on my narcolepsy post on Monday. It really means a lot to me.


It’s going to be another busy weekend for me. I have more fun Twin Stripe posts to put together plus we get to celebrate two good friends wedding this weekend. I’m looking forward to dancing the night away with a cocktail in hand! Don’t forget to enter the (PLÃ) Beauty Glam Lip Gloss giveaway. It ends Sunday evening, so don’t miss it! Have a wonderful one!