Whether you're throwing an intimate dinner party for your closest friends, a casual brunch for the whole family, or an epic open-house for a hundred of your closest acquaintances, you're going to need a few key supplies to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here's a list of ten items that will ensure your bash is a bash to remember.
No party is complete without the right kind of music. Whether you’re playing it, singing it, or dancing to it, music is the single most important element at any gathering. Even if a party isn’t your thing, you’ve got to tip your hat to those music makers who take the time to make a house a home. The key to a successful party is to plan ahead. Have an idea of what kind of music you want to be playing and how you want to present it. Decide whether or not you’re going to have a live band and how they’ll be set up. Will you have a DJ? Music videos? A band and DJ? The possibilities are endless