Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

I am by no means an oenophile, but I do enjoy a good glass of wine, particularly when it is properly paired with a meal. When it comes to Thanksgiving wine pairings, I’ll be honest, I can be a bit clueless. Chardonnay and Pinot noir are old standbys, but I took a trip to my local Trader Joe’s to ask for some holiday wine pairing suggestions and got some great advice to share with you. Click through to learn about Thanksgiving wine parings and see today’s #blogsgivingdinner menu!

If you are in charge of bringing wine for Thanksgiving, you first should find out how the turkey will be prepared. Armed with that knowledge, you can head to your local Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or wine shop. Where ever you go, make sure the staff is knowledgeable about wine to help you make an informed decision. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or recommendations. I headed to Trader Joe’s because the staff is helpful and their wine selection falls within my budget.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings // Twin Stripe

For a traditional Thanksgiving feast with a baked or brined turkey, a wine with slight bit of sweetness was recommended. I scoffed at the idea because I’m not a fan of sweet wines. but I picked up a bottle of riesling to try. Rieslings vary in sweetness, so you want to find one that is not overwhelmingly sweet. Much to my surprise, I found Ulrich Langguth Riesling (left), $6.99, fruity and refreshing. This easy drinking wine will be perfect from beginning to end of the Thanksgiving feast. Another easy drinking wine to checkout is Lacheteau Vouvray, $6.99. It too can be sweet like a riesling, but with the proper bottle, it will be a Thanksgiving hit.

If your bird is smoked or deep fried, try a pinot noir. A rich turkey needs a wine that can lighten up a heavy meal and a fresh, fruity pinot noir can do just that. I picked up a bottle of Trader Joe’s reserve pinot noir, $6.99, and I found that it paired perfectly with rich, heavy meals. Castle Rock pinot noir, $7.99, was also recommended for Thanksgiving.

Gluten Free Holiday Cheese Board Must Haves:  Three to four varieties of cheese, my favorites: White stilton with apricots Aged manchego Chevre goat cheese Humboldt fog Crackers and baguette Gluten free crackers: rice crackers (my favorite are from Trader Joe's), nut crackers  Jam or spread: fig, quince, blueberry Nuts: almonds, pistachos Dried fruits: apricots, cranberries Fresh fruit: pears, persimmon, fig Dark chocolate

If your turkey is on the sweeter side, a sauvignon blanc is the perfect pairing. Sauvignon blanc has citrus flavors with earthy undertones, making it perfect to cut through an orange-glazed turkey or cranberry relish. I was a big fan of the above Vin de Bordeaux Sauvignon de Seguin, $6.99. You could also checkout the Saint-Bris Sauvignon Blanc, $9.99.

These wine pairings are just suggestions, be sure to drink what you enjoy on Thanksgiving. Have fun with your wine and don’t worry about making a mistake, someone will drink it!


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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings from Twin Stripe

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    1. I know! It’s the best. I’m still learning too…I highly recommend speaking to the wine buy about suggested pairings. Makes life so much easier!

  1. I am loving these posts, Katie! Still drooling over the cheese plate post. These are great suggestions. My family always has a Riesling at Christmas/Thanksgiving. Maybe we’ll try a Pinot Noir this year 🙂

    1. I always go with a Chardonnay, but the Riesling surprised me. I’ll see what my mom has tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this handy guide. I will say I like Thankgiving even more now that I enjoy a glass of wine along with my heaping plate of tasty delights!

  3. This is so helpful, Katie. I always feel stuck in the wine aisle (maybe that’s why I stick to cocktails and beer!) These are great tips that I will bookmark for my holiday trips to the grocery store.

  4. Honestly, this is SUCH a brilliant idea! I’d have never thought about the pairings until it was too late… and I’ve pinned this for inspiration and a friendly reminder of how best to pair wines with turkey!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! #Blogsgivingdinner was so much fun! Maybe NC Blogger Network could put something similar together?

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