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A Pretty DIY Floral Easter Brunch

It’s hard to believe it, but Easter is less than a week away! Currently, Easter is more of a laid back affair for Chad and me. There are no egg hunts or baskets filled with treats, instead, we celebrate with a tasty brunch and maybe a bunny or two. Over the weekend I began to plan our brunch table, complete with bunny napkin rings, mini floral wreaths, and delicious raspberry parfaits. Come back throughout the week to learn how to create these fun DIY projects.

White dishes, a natural table cloth and gold table runner created a neutral backdrop and allowed for the green, pink and red floral details to stand out. I placed bright green mini bakers on each plate filled with Easter candy and a paint chip place card. While not an Easter basket, the mini baker is the perfect favor for guests to take home. (Just cover with plastic wrap before guest leave so the treats don’t spill on their way home.)

Green check napkins are secured by whimsical bunny ear napkin rings in a beautiful spring floral that accents the flowers on the table. Making your own napkin rings is surprisingly easy and allows you to match them to your tablescape.

I can’t wait to show you how to DIY mini floral wreaths and bunny napkin rings and how to make a tasty chocolate raspberry parfait for your Easter brunch. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, the projects and recipe are perfect for any spring brunch.

Do you have any special Easter brunch plans? Does your family have any special Easter traditions? 


Create a Simple Spring Wreath for Your Home

With the hope of spring temperatures on the horizon, I decided to give my home a spring upgrade this weekend. I pulled my floral monogram ‘W’ wreath out of storage and hung it on the front door. I also pulled together a wreath to hang over the mirror in my living room that I am excited to share with you today.

This versatile wreath only took me about an hour from start to finish, including hanging up the wreath. It will bring a burst of fresh life into your home after so many long winter days. I easily found all materials at a local craft store for around $15. Click through to learn how to put this simple, yet beautiful wreath together.


  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Wire cutter
  • Mixed faux greens (ferns, eucalyptus, etc.)
  • Small flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon

1. Begin the wreath by fashioning the bouquet of greenery. All of my pieces were attached to a larger bunch, so I started by cutting a few fern leaves off and arranging them tip to tip. Make sure to hold your ferns up to the wreath to make sure they are the right length for your wreath – I let mine hang down about an inch or so on either side. When I had the length correct, I hot glued the ferns together in the middle so they would stay in place.

2. Next, I added eucalyptus branches and one small spray of white cherry blooms to my bouquet. When I was happy with the arrangement, I tightly secured the pieces with floral wire.

3. Secure the greenery to wreath with floral wire and add a bow. As you can see, I made a last-minute decision to change my ribbon out. I started with a thinner satin ribbon, but I ended up going with a thicker wired ribbon that worked much better with the wreath.

4. If you plan to hang your wreath over a mirror, loop a piece of ribbon through the top of the wreath so it is easy to hang. If you plan to hang it on a door, you can add a small piece of looped floral wire to the back so it easy to hang on your front door and welcome spring!

A new spring wreath for your door or inside is a great way to accessorize your home for a change of seasons.

What will you updating this spring?

What type of projects to you have going on?

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend! We finally had a few warm days, so we were able to take Hobbes on a nice long walk. We also rented Whiplash, which I highly recommend! Have a great week!

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Valentine’s Day Red Hot Popcorn

This may come as no surprise to you, but I am a huge fan of all things Valentine’s Day: the color pink, hearts, candy, cards and more! I also love adding modern elements – colors, glitter, animal prints and more – to the traditional Valentine’s Day aesthetic. When I was planning the packaging for my favorite Valentine’s Day treat, red hot popcorn, I decided to go bold and graphic and create leopard print “fry boxes” with neon hearts on them.

As I mentioned, these boxes are also the perfect vehicle to house my beloved red hot popcorn.

If you haven’t tried red hot popcorn, I highly recommend it! It is one of Chad’s favorite Valentine treats and his mom, Alice, was kind enough to share her secret recipe with us. Be careful, this popcorn is addictive!

Red Hot Popcorn: Ingredients

  • 20 cups popped popcorn (around 2 1/2 bags)
  • 9 oz. Red Hots candy
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup white corn syrup
  • 1/2 tsp. salt

Put popcorn in a large grocery bag. Mix remaining ingredients in a glass bowl and microwave on high until boiling. Stir and cook one additional minute and pour over popcorn. Shake the bag vigorously. Put the bag in microwave one minute on high and shake. Repeat once more, microwaving then shaking. Pour popcorn on large cookie sheet and wait until it cools. Once cool, break up and eat! Store in an air tight container.

Red Hot Popcorn

In addition to making tasty red hot popcorn, I decorated my fry kraft paper boxes in crazy leopard print paper with a bright pink hear. Decorating your own boxes is easy and just a few tools are need:


To decorate the boxes, you can use any paper that strikes your fancy. I found wrapping paper worked well. Once I picked out my paper, I disassembled one of the fry boxes to use as a stencil. I traced the front panel on my paper and cut the piece out. I carefully glued them to the front of the fry boxes and added the neon heart in the middle.

Filled with treats, these boxes make fun gifts. Using a different papers will help keep the boxes versatile and ready to go for any occasion. Fill them with red hot popcorn and they make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone in your life!

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St. Patrick’s Day Pinning

While I’ve never been one to make a big deal out of St. Patrick’s Day, but after our trip to Ireland last summer, it seems only fitting to do a bit of celebrating.

There have been some great recipes and craft projects on Pinterest – so many in fact, I started a St. Paddy’s Day Board.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorites so you can celebrate this weekend or on the actual holiday, Monday, March 17.

1. Guinness Burger with Irish Cheddar and Bacon, Garnish with Lemon |

2. You’re My Pot of Gold Printables, Sugar & Cloth |

3. Leather Shamrock Key Chain, Lovely Indeed |

4. Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chez CateyLou |

5. Pot of Gold Punch, Glitter Guide |

6. Five Ways to Wear Green, The House That Lars Built

That Guinness burger with Irish cheddar and bacon is calling my name. It would be delicious with a stout or even a glass of pot of gold punch.

I also love the leather shamrock key chain, it will bring you good luck all year round! Come back on Friday for a new Brewmaster post from Chad featuring Guinness stout alternatives.

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DIY Gold Striped Inspiration Board

With the Christmas decorations coming down and the new year upon us, I have been doing a lot of organizing and rearranging. I have been lacking an inspiration board in my office and I decided now was the perfect time to put one up. I didn’t want to just a plain cork board, but I didn’t want to spend much money either. And so a gold striped inspiration board was born!

I started with a standard cork board I picked up at Target. To create the stripes, I used masking tape that was 1″ 7/8′ wide. Before taping, I marked where each stripe should start down both sides of the board. I also taped off the sides of the cork board. Because the cork is so porous, it needs a lot of spray paint. I found that three coats did the trick. I let the board dry overnight and removed the tape in the morning. Then I painted the edges of my board white and it was ready to hang.

Once I hung the board in the corner of my office, I got to work adding some of my favorite photos, quotes and baubles. I love being surrounded by some of my favorite memories from my trip to Ireland, a summer wedding and an old photo of my mom. The fortune cookie card reads, “This is your year to shine.” Such a great reminder. I need to get a “Eat Cake for Breakfast” quote up soon. I also printed out this beautiful calendar from Oh the Lovely Things.

Having an inspiration board is a great way to get focused for the new year and I love the gold stripes peeking through my favorite things. I can’t wait to add more to it throughout the year. Do you use an inspiration board?