12 Super Cute Ways to DIY Flower Pots

Adding a new potted plant or flower is the perfect way to bring a hint of spring to any space, even if it seems like spring may never get here. My team just moved into a brand new building and I’m lucky to have a beautiful corner office with two windows and large window sills. I’ve packed my office with plants in adorable painted flower pots to add some life during this dull winter. Today I am sharing a round up of my favorite DIY flower pots and and a peek at how I DIYed mine.

12 Super Cute Ways to DIY Flower Pots // Twin Stripe

 1. Dip Dye Succulent Pot, I Spy DIY  |  2. Painted Planters,The Crafted Life  |  3. Color Dipped Pots, Wit & Whistle  |  4. Teacup Garden, The Inspired Room  |  5. Gold Foil Lettering on Pots, Nest of Posies  |  6. Painted Planter,The Crafted Life

12 Super Cute Ways to DIY Flower Pots // Twin Stripe

7. Teeny Glitter Pots, The Pretty Bee  |  8. Lace Flower Pots, A Beautiful Mess  |  9. Stripped Pots, Hi Sugarplum!  |  10. Painted Pots, Marry This!  |  11. Neon Dipped Pots, The Proper  |  12. Polka Dot Pots, Twin Stripe

Click through to see how I decorated my flower pots!

DIY Polka Dot Painted Pots // Twin Stripe

The above window is south facing, so on a bright, sunny day this window receives full sun most of the day. Most plants cannot handle that much sun, so I went to a greenhouse to find sun-loving, indoor plants. I selected (from left to right) a succulent, a crown of thorns and a foxtail fern to fill my window sill.

Once I had my plants, I scoured Pinterest for inspiration on how to paint my terracotta pots. I decided to spray paint my pots gold and paint a different design on each. I covered two in polka dots and I left my middle pot simple with a white band and drip plate.

DIY Polka Dot Painted Pots // Twin Stripe

Once this pot dried  completely, I used a small pouncer to add black polka dots all over the pot.

DIY Polka Dot Painted Pots - Succulent Plant // Twin Stripe

I wanted my second pot to be polka dotted, but I wanted a completely different look, so I used the end of a paint brush to  add small, nonuniforn white dots all over.

I love the touch of spring a flower pot can bring to any room. Now my office is full of spring and I won the title of “Plant Lady” yesterday with a total of nine plants plus a terrarium in my office. What can I say? I can’t get enough plants! Do you have many house plants? What are your favorites?



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10 thoughts on “12 Super Cute Ways to DIY Flower Pots

  1. I love these! A group of friends and I are actually going to plant some flower pots this semester (really soon!) and this is such an inspiration! Also, yay for moving offices! I love how sunlight can just brighten up a room 🙂

  2. I’ve ben attempting to plant succulents in cute teacups I find, however, I do not have a green thumb. I feel like I need to stop attempting to “garden” because I just kill everything, including bamboo. How? I don’t know because it’s basically indestructible.

    1. I’m guilty of killing succulents too! If you do plant them in a tea cup or a non-draining container, be sure to add some rocks to the bottom so the extra water has some where to go and won’t root the roots. Good luck!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are adorable! This is the type of post that just makes me happy. I’m really excited to be moving into a house later this year so I can do some gardening. I’ll definitely be trying some of these cute ideas.

    1. Gardening/landscaping is so fun and rewarding, but a lot of work! Potted plants can for sure be a good way to go at first!

  4. I love these! So so pretty. Last Mother’s Day, I painted some pots using gold leaf and did some different designs. It was so much fun, and made for a super cute succulent present! I love the ones you painted!

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